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Written 30th of May, 2022

I was born in 1988, in Omsk Oblast, which I still hold dearly to me today.

In my teenage years I created 9channel, the first Russian textboard, and later founded the Kolyma Network, known now as KolymaNET. Since then I have made many websites, some of which are still alive. I've revived several other notable sites but have since given control of them to others.

In 2014 I left Russia, and today, I live in the beautiful TRNC (Turkish Cyprus), in 2021, I married, which gave me peace from my restlessness

I write occasionally about many topics, which are available in the "Collected Writings" section of this website.

Outside of KolymaNET I have no other jobs, though my interests number many, I enjoy Russian caligraphy, and studying topics which interest me, I especially enjoy reading about the 19th century and the USSR, though I spent a large portion of my life on the internet, I prefer now to limit my time spent on the computer, and I work often on the Garden with my wife and have chose to adhere to several lifestyle rules.

Since my pledge of temperance I have not drank, nor do I smoke, and seldom do I indulge in any fairer pleasures, I live a mostly quiet lifestyle now, though marriage has brought back much happiness into my life. Other personal choices are matter of dress, I prefer never to dress poorly or lazily, even when I am at home, and Mrs. Kuznetsov follows a similar routine in that regard.

Rigid structure of life has lead me to a healthier and more moral life then the one I previously led, and I have wrote about some things which I do to maintain my health, mental and physical.

For example, I try to only listen to Music during times which I will truly listen, never as background or filler. In fact, removing "filler" from my life has left me with a great deal of time to think, and interact with what is around me. I take each day slowly and try not to rush through things.

In Omsk, after military service, I held a position in "Radio Russia" station in Omsk (Омск 87.7 FM). Throughout all this time, I also managed with Administrator of NSS KolymaNET Anton Maximov on construction business in China. I got into Cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin and began a trading website for it, which closed down later on.

Aside from various business ventures, I take a specific interest in bettering the internet, and I enjoy Anonymous forums online. Even as I matured, the spirit of the uncouth and the rebellious energy from 9channel, which was mostly inhabited by delinquients, stayed with me. So I have sometimes been called a troll or nuisance. The criminal spirit and the surrounding people became jokingly named the "Magadan Mafia"

Today I update this site and the КУЗНЕЦОВ telegram channel semi regularly, I post memo's here, updates about projects, or just thoughts. I hope you enjoy the site!

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