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Written 23rd of August, 2022

TL;DR KolymaNET now has a Discord server

KolymaNET now has a Telegram channel

KolymaBNC is open to public registration, and all passwords have been reset.

There is a new webirc portal which simplifies using IRC Link

Communication is extremely important. Without stable, easy to use, safe communication methods, communities and companies will fail.

Since its inception, KolymaNET has relied soley on IRC for communication, both internally and with the community. For over a decade this has been the singular method of official communications - however, as time goes by, IRC has unfortunately become antiquated. While we plan to maintain the IRC server indefinitely, we have reworked several aspects of it, as well as created alternative methods of communication, and a new service.

Please read this post and familiarize yourself with the changes which have been applied.

Embracing Discord

Discord is one of the most popular instant communication apps in the world. The Central Committee agreed in a recent resolution that establishing a discord server for KolymaNET would be in the best interests of "community aggregation", as well as providing a "backup" method for communication in case of a failure on the IRC server.

Join the discord server: [Link]

KolymaBNC changes

KolymaBNC is now open to registration. You may request a bouncer in the #support channel on Discord or the KolymaNET IRC

All KolymaBNC accounts have been password reset as of the 24th of August, please connect regularly and ask for a password reset of your account and it will be granted.

Simplified WebIRC

Joining IRC has always been a complicated process, even for experienced users. This is no longer the case, due to the recently provided web portal, which makes joining the IRC server as simple as clicking a link.


  — Kuznetsov

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