Y. Kuznetsov - Thoughts on Heyuri's Collapse

Y. M. Kuznetsov

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Written 17th of October, 2020

Ever since Heyuri collapsed, I have been missing a certain something about it, something that the alternatives, like SH, just dont have. I cant seem to pinpoint what exactly it is, but i know its missing, and I need it back.

Alot of people have said that Heyuri functioned best when both me, and Lolico were the administrators, and for the most part — I agree. Heyuri without Lolico isn't the same, and Heyuri was never the same after my departure and our splitting of ways.

My close friend Yaril said\;

"I hope my best that the 2 will find a peaceful conclusion, and that SH will merge into heyuri, or heyuri into SH. The sites share alot of the same users, culture, and history. Why must we fight?"

I must say I agree, and I hope re-unification comes swiftly

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