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Written 12th of September, 2021
I would like to share some of my personal advice for maintaining ones health at a later age (30s, beyond), though it is recommended for men of all ages. At my age I still feel energetic, and healthy. I have strong immune system and bones, and have no major health problems. I am grateful for this, and I attribute it to some of the following:
  1. Raw ingredients / no processed food — Unlike most in the modern era, I have had the privilege of cooking nearly all of the food I eat at home. I never buy fast food, and have never eaten a McDonalds product in my life. I have also never drank a coco-cola or similar sugar beverage. I exclusively drink water, and sometimes tea I make at home.
  2. No wireless devices when possible — They can elevate the risk of cancer and cause headaches. I keep my computers wired-only and minimize the amount of wireless connections my phone has to make. I never purchase any "smart devices" or other wireless technology, not only due to this health concern, but my underlying distrust of these products.
  3. Minimal exposure to car fumes — These can cause respiratory issues later in life. For someone such as myself who has lung sensitivity caused by smoking, this is more important. I live in a rural area away from the polluted cities, I generally do not drive very much, instead I chose to bike or walk, which leads me to the next point
  4. Walk more often — It is quite simple, and very effective. Sitting for too long can cause many problems, so punctuate it with walks.
  5. Spend less time on the internet — This may seem hypocritical for me to say, but in reality, I have greatly reduced the amount of time I spend on the internet in the past few months. I also dont go onto any websites that I know are filled with harmful things. I never visit any imageboards or textboards outside my own, because I believe the energy I spend on them could be used to better what I have, and it seems that each day, they do get better. Internet-caused stress can harm ones physical and mental health.
  6. No video games or TV. — I avoid both of these heavily, as they are mostly timesinks and will simply wither away hours of my life without contributing anything to me. I may play video games as a social event with my friends every other month or so, but I otherwise avoid them. The same goes for youtube, which I rarely ever visit except for music.
  7. No pornography or masturbation — No more than once per month. These benefits can include strengthening the health of your sperm and clearer skin.
  8. No medications, vaccinations, pills.. — This is very controversial, yet I have consistently found that people who use pills to treat an illness have brought on their illness through poor lifestyle. This doesnt apply in all cases, and sometimes its unavoidable, but most of the time, it is unfortunately true that a "lifestyle change" is not prescribed. I only got vaccinated for the diseases which were required of me when entering foreign countries, and was not vaccinated as a child. I do not take any medications, and I never take pills. If I feel sick, I definitely do not go to the doctor. As a child, my mother showed me that most ailments can be cured at home, without the help of expensive treatments at the doctors office. As a result of all this, I am completely healthy, and made it through all of 2020 and 2021, regularly interacting with people, without getting so much as a cold. And no: I dont believe in "asymptomatic transmission". That is made up to get healthy people to coop up inside their homes with no sunlight or access to healthy food.
  9. Get regular sunlight — Even having an open window can help.
  10. Sleep for at least 8 hours and wake up at a consistent time — I try not to stay up past midnight, and I wake up at 8:30 each day. Consistency is almost as important as the length of your sleep. Also, try not to sleep with too many lights, as it can hinder proper rest. Turn off unnecessary devices (and turn off your phone at night), cover up power lights, and if you need to, buy blackout curtains. However, getting natural sunlight in the morning is important, so  be careful with the curtains.
  11. No headphones/earbuds — These can damage your hearing. I never wear them.
and that is mostly all. I could go on for another 20 points, but to keep this list comfortably readable, I will stop at 11. These are not instructions, just recommendations and advice I would give to you after 33 years of continued wellbeing.

Sources Used: My personal experiences and thoughts

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