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Written 31 of July, 2022

In my years, unlike so many men these days, I have taken a great degree of care in regards to my personal appearance. What I find makes men more attractive I have largely based off of my varying degrees of understanding of various famous men in Russia, and my own personal experiences, and, to some degree, what I find personally makes a man more handsome in mine own eyes. I have written here some of my many tips on physical traits that women usually like.

What each woman finds attractive, pretty, or handsome in a man is largely subjective, these tips should be taken with a grain of salt. Some may disagree with what I have written here, but, from my interactions, these seem to be very widely understood. I have, for the sake of the obvious, left out extremely basic tips (e.g., don't be overweight, brush your teeth, etc). I tried to only include things that are within ones control, so I wouldn't for example say to be tall, have full, healthy hair, etc because if you do not have those things already then you probably can not attain them. Lastly, I also left out the myriad of psychological tips which make you more attractive, in regards to ones personality, behavior, mannerisms, etc. At a later date, I may write on those as well.

1. If you are thin or without muscle, loose, long sleeved clothing will conceal this. Of course, the best remedy is to work out, however, if you do not, for whatever reason, wearing long sleeved clothing will greatly help conceal this fact. However, this must be taken carefully. Tight sweaters and the like may inversely, accentuate these undesirable attributes and work against you. This also leads me to my next point;

2. Wear clothes that fit you well. Over or undersized clothing can really tamper with the overall look of your outfit, having close fitting (but not tight) clothing will do an amazing amount of work for you. Due to the demise of tailors in these modern times, "one size fits all" type clothing has become the norm, leaving almost no one today with clothes that fit them, and them exactly. If you can afford it, go to a tailor.

3. (Subjective) Clear, healthy skin is an attractive attribute for men. This is not always applicable, but in most cases, especially for young men, smooth and healthy skin, free of scars, acne, or other obstructions is a very desirable trait. Many women do of course prefer a "rugged" look but you usually wont attain that until a later age (usually, beyond your 30s). I personally spend alot of time to maintain my skin health, and am usually clean shaven. It is not difficult or expensive to have good, healthy skin, and you will have more success with this if you follow my Health tips.

4. It is often said that a small amount of femininity in a man makes him more attractive. This shouldn't be misconstrued as "women like effeminate men", which is very often not the case, however, the over-idealized, ultra masculine, "giga-chad" esque depictions of the "ideal man" (which are often made by unaware males) are seldom the ideal for most women. While it is certainly true that many women do find such types appealing, I would feel safe saying that most do not see this as an actual desirable trait for men, especially when speaking in terms of relationships. A touch of a feminine side can often show to a woman that a man is more than just a brute, and that he has soft feelings as well. As far as physical traits which reflect this, I would go as far as to say that even long eyelashes and rosy cheeks can be found attractive in men.

Elvis showed feminine attributes can make a man more attractive, while not subtracting from ones masculinity.

5. Remain clean shaven if you are unable to grow a decent beard or mustache. If you are a teenager or young adult and think having some scruffy puberty induced facial hair makes you look older or more attractive, you are usually wrong. Unless you can grow full, even, facial hair, you should remain clean shaven. If your dad did not teach you how to shave, look it up on youtube. If you choose to follow this tip, shave often, and well. 5 'o clock shadows and razor burns are both widely considered very unatractive.

6. (Subjective) Long hair is almost always unattractive for men. It is also immoral.

It appears to me these are not widely known or understood by the general male population, and especially to my audience of young, online males. I wrote this based off my personal experiences and what I find attractive, as well as what other women in my life has told me is appealing in men. I hope you may apply this in your own life.

  — Kuznetsov

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