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Written 22 of February, 2022

The estimated toll of all the deaths caused by the Conflict in Ukraine is 33,000. Both civilians and soldiers. When the media reports on these numbers, they will simply leave it at that, but the actual price of that number is immeasurably greater.

Each soldier has a family, a mother, a father, most of the time, several siblings. He has friends, classmates, and comrades in the military. Each soldiers death can cause complete ruination in his mother and father, and his siblings, and great scars to his other friends and comrades. When a soldier is killed, the spirits of several others are also killed.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed by fighting, each home contained the memories of a family, perhaps multiple, often times it contained their belongings, their history, and more. The number of people displaced by the conflict is over 1,000,000, and for them it must be terrible, and for some, they must have lost everything.

Civillian deaths must also be considered, each adult killed is a member of a community, village, or town lost. When you take away the supportive columns of a community, you destroy the community. Hundreds of villages and towns have been destroyed this way.

Every single death caused by this conflict is just another digit in a number to most, but in reality it is more, each death represents a family destroyed, a community weakened, friends lost, and more. Many soldiers may have gone on to have families, the amount of children who will never be born to soldiers, killed by the fighting, could number 120,000.

So, at this conclusion, it can now be seen that the true cost of the conflict up this point is well into the millions, counting the unborn, the destroyed lives, and the dead soldiers.

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