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Written 30th of August, 2020

Im not sure if this is a thing that happens to other people, but for me, certain songs are attached to certain times of my life. Even if its just a month or 2. I often listen to songs in bursts, meaning ill listen to the same song (usually more like 3 or 4 songs) over and over again for a about 2 weeks to a month, and then ill find a new group of songs and listen to them on repeat.. etc. Ive been doing this as long as i can remember, and now, different parts of my life seem to have their own themesong. I just happened to hear the song "Tainted Love" by soft cell, and it instantly triggered a barage of memories to a trip i took to china back in april of 2019, where that happened to be one of the songs i listened to in my "bursts". I didnt instantly recall what you would expect, like major sightseeing places (not that i went to many tourist traps). Instead, i thought of oddly specific things, like waiting in the airpost, or eating the weird airport snacks. Going to this really polluted river, the death of my favorite pair of earbuds, and sitting on a train next to some other guy. I found it weird that i specifically recalled these events, I thought it was important enough to write about

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