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Written 26th of July, 2022
  • I finalized decisions on the board edits, deciding only to remove only the deadest and most unused boards

  • I have finalized the new rules, and have instructed the janitors to enforce everything with leniency. Maintaining the sites free spirit is important. Bans will now no longer exceed 30 days except for the most severe violations.

  • Janitors are strictly prohibited from censorship of discussion about their misdeeds, even if false, to prevent accusations of hiding evidence. However, complaints about moderation are now only to be posted on /suggest/ on most occasions.

  • Clarified rules on underage characters, to include fictional ones as well.

  • Ban appeals are now only to be read by me personally, so if you believe you are being hunted by a rogue janny, appeal them, and I will personally review it when I have time. However rogue janitors are mostly figments of your imagination, which are why you need to take your meds

  • The sootblog will no longer be maintained, since it is soots blog and not mine

  • Sneed has been relisted, but it was never deleted.

I also want to thank Soot for helping me understand the 'parties internals, as I struggled with using Vichan when I first began. He has been a great help to me and has responded quickly during my requests for help, and overall I am satisfied with the state of our partnership.

I am finished with most of my major changes to the site. I will probably not be posting for a while since I have accidentally neglected my real life in order to get the site running well again. If you are interested in contacting me personally, email me at [email protected] and I'll respond within a few days.

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