Collected Writings: Y. Kuznetsov
Reflections on Heyuri

Recently I gave up my position of Administrator of Heyuri to someone who could better run the site. While I still provide hosting, the site is now owned by Kaguya. I stated a few reasons for my sudden departure but didnt go much further in depth.

However the real reason is more complex than I wrote on the newspost and on /q/. While yes, I did have less time, I also felt the userbase had lost a significant connection with me and my antics on other websites had caused some upset. I put alot into Heyuri, aside from countless hours working on development of the sites software, I also posted there heavily, being in the top 10 contributors, at least for a while. I oversaw personally the creation of almost everything on Heyuri, good and bad, even when lolico was still sharing the helm with me. Even today, I was 100% behind the creation of the newly relaunched Heyuri Historical Society, and my maintanence work generally goes unnoticed.

While this applies to all the websites, it was especially true for Heyuri, and my lack of public appearances, which was mainly due to the fact I had nothing to say in public seemed to start a mindset among the users that I had grown disconnected or disinterested from the site.

Ultimately the issue seemed to be that the users of Heyuri believed that Heyuri had just become another site in a myriad of others which were governed by me, and while I did take on more sites, Heyuri was always my crown jewel.

There is still some truth to my words on /q/, I do have less time then I did before. In August of last year I married and have diverted time away from the internet because of that. However even before that I was spending less time on the internet, a combination of burnount and lack of interest probably is to blame.

Heyuri always seems to go through waves, just like a basin of water, there are times of activity, and times of quiet, and they seem to fluctuate, punctuated by times of almost complete silence and weeks of booming activity. For a while it seemed like Heyuri was slipping in and out of silence and low activity. Ever since Heyuri was brought back its been missing at least 25% of its former userbase, some were scared off by the dark ages, and others simply left. This period came to a close this year, from what I have noticed, and while we definitely still have quiet spots Heyuri overall is in a much better position. Noticing this I had begun to divert more time to it and engage more often. Which is when I noticed what had changed in both Heyuri and myself in the past year. At the end, I knew that my time in servitude to the website had ended. With extremely bright and talented moderators like Kaguya already doing most of the work, the decision was clear.

Despite the misperception that I had grown distant from the users I dont regret my decision. Kaguya did almost all the moderation on Heyuri even before I stepped down, and organized the monthly anime, cytube events, and townhalls. He cares about Heyuri deeply, and is the best fit for the position of Administrator.

Heyuri is definitely my best work and I genuinely want to see it endure for many years more, and I hope also that it one day reaches the level of activity and growth that I once aspired to back in 2020, and its my belief that given the time and dedication which kaguya is already putting into it, this will oneday be achieved.

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