Collected Writings: Y. Kuznetsov

I have cleaned my house and also my servers, together with Nedelya.

When we had came to the servers, I disconnected everything and cleaned it all, and when we finished I began to plug back in the ethernet cables which had many different colors, and I left it to drink water, when I had returned she had finished my work there, and created a rainbow pattern, it was cute, and also was she, and the moment stayed in my head, and was in the day many other occurrences of beautiful order. In each delicate action she takes there is reasoning and purpose, thoughtfulness, and throughout each day I witness the methodical and kind care she takes with each thing that she does. Its very beautiful in a way which no man does often express, a feminine care that permeates even the simplest tasks such as cleaning, within a face which never frets or worries or seems in disorganization or chaos, and a smile that carries from each thing to another.

Perhaps the love of god or other divine things, from one or another shows itself to me in the simple beauty which comes from the daily habits of a pure and devout woman.

Y. Kuznetsov Collected Writings
Selected writings of Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov
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